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Putting God at the centre is what Christian Education is about. Learning about God’s world through the curriculum equips students to serve God and humankind using the strengths and abilities that He has given them. Students develop a sense of purpose and worth, knowing they are intentionally and lovingly created to worship and serve.

The world desperately needs to see and feel the impact of God’s people equipped to influence godly change in our neighbourhood, our nation, and our world. Living Waters exists to encourage students in the pursuit of academic excellence, Christ-like character, and passionate service.

Living Waters Testimonials

Outdoor ed 9 photo contest

May 12, 2020

I sent Outdoor Education 9 students outside in April 2020, perhaps the most anti-photogenic month in recent history, and asked them to take photos for a contest in our class.  The comments I received from them often mentioned how unlikely it seemed at first to find anything photo-worthy, and  they also frequently commented how enjoyable it was to have their search rewarded with great experiences of beauty in the end.   It is true, at least to some degree, that we see what we look for.  It is good practice to intentionally look for the beauty in the midst of the drab grey of April.   OE9 Photo Contest Winners     First Place – 10 Points (by votes) Slide #23 – Photographer: Matthew Bueckert Title by Artist:  A True Sunflower     Second Place – 8 Points Slide #20  Squirrel in branches Photographer: Leland Makaroff Title by Artist:  Time to Get Busy   Third Place – 7 Points Slide 15 – Huge Sky Sunset Photographer: Olivia Klassen Title by Artist:  The Painted Sky     Fourth Place – 6 Points Slide 13 Sunset Colours Through Forest Photographer: Michael Ottenbreit Title by Artist:  Untitled