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Putting God at the centre is what Christian Education is about. Learning about God’s world through the curriculum equips students to serve God and humankind using the strengths and abilities that He has given them. Students develop a sense of purpose and worth, knowing they are intentionally and lovingly created to worship and serve.

The world desperately needs to see and feel the impact of God’s people equipped to influence godly change in our neighbourhood, our nation, and our world. Living Waters exists to encourage students in the pursuit of academic excellence, Christ-like character, and passionate service.

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Living Waters Testimonials

2020-2021 Awards

June 24, 2021

Awards was managed differently this year due to gathering restrictions. On June 17th all students watched a video of Mr. Penner announcing the awards for Honours with distinction, ACSI High School awards, Band awards, Barnabus award, Timothy award, Rotary Leadership scholarship, Cuff Leadership scholarship, Curry leadership scholarship, and McNeil (TBD). This video is posted on the grades 7 – 12 Bible/RS Team for parents and students to view. Due to the irregularity of the year we did not award Perfect Attendance. Elementary classes were presented their Certificates last week. The presentations were recorded and posted in the grade Teams along with Mr. Penner’s video for parents and students to watch. Congratulation to the Award winners, and those who worked so hard to attain Honour Roll. Below are the names of award winners. Grade 7 Honour Roll Micah C Terms 1, 4 Tiara J Term 1 Ava L Terms 1, 3 Piper M Term 1 Evelyn V Terms 1, 4 Sara V Terms 3, 4   Honours with distinction – all 4 terms Hannah D Amariah G Tanaya H Cruize W Rachel W Abigail Y   Perfect Bible Memory Hannah D Tanaya H Amariah G Tiara J Sara V Cruize W Rachel W Abigail Y   Grade 8 Honours with Distinction – all 4 terms Adebayo A Janelle B Shauna B Kaylee C Adiel D Adam…