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Why do we love uniforms?

  • Uniforms simplify life, for students, parents and staff. We all love that.
  • Uniforms reduce hurtful competition based on how we dress. There is no downside to that.
  • Uniforms help condition us that we are here to learn; like a switch in our brain. I put on coveralls when I’m changing the oil, I put on a suit when I’m going to a wedding, I put on my uniform when its time to learn.
  • Uniforms reduce long term costs for families. They are durable. After the initial cost of getting a student outfitted, parents find that they replace pieces only when a student grows and can often purchase a used item and pass on their item for sale on consignment. Most families find they spend a lot less on a student’s wardrobe because the student needs fewer after school clothes and they don’t have to be buying entire wardrobes based on the new trends.

Academy Rewear – Joycelyn Grenke

Uniform information and forms: The order forms below download as Excel forms with drop down size tabs and auto fill calculations. You select the size and the number of items and the form calculates the cost. Then you save the completed form and email it along with the etransfer or credit card authorization to

credit card form

K-3 Boy Uniform 2022-2023 v4

K-3-Girl Uniform 2022-2023 v4

Grade 4-6 Boy Uniform 2022-2023 v4

Grade 4-6 Girl Uniform 2022-2023 v4

Grade 7-12 Boy Uniform 2022-2023 v4

Grade-7-12 Girl Uniform 2022-2023 v4