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Faith in Action

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Faith in Action

Personal faith should produce virtue and make a positive impact on our relationships, our families, our community and the world. Faith without action is not a living faith.

We encourage our students to be positively engaged with their community. Whether it is volunteering in the church nursery, helping build a school in Guatemala, or being considerate and helpful at home, we believe that God commands that we obey him, and his spirit at work in our lives produces changed lives, starting with our own.

Mission Vision Values

Every organization has mission, vision, and values statements today. The important question is, how do these statements direct the policies and programs of the organization? Do they actually make Living Waters different from other schools.

These statements have helped to shape who we are as a school.

We started an annual international ministry trip 21 years ago because it was valuable to accomplishing our mission and vision.

We started our Spanish language program 15 years ago after asking the question, which language will best help Living Waters to achieve its mission? The direction was clear.

Why do we invest in a band program when many schools are cutting the cost and shutting them down? Because we believe it contributes to the mission of the school and reflects our core values.

You get the picture. 

Here they are. Vision-Mission-Core Values


Statement of Faith 

Living Waters Christian Academy operates in accordance with, and all policies, programs, instruction, and activities of the organization shall conform to the following.

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