Lachlan & Ellen

As a parents of two graduates from Living Waters Christian Academy, we have experienced great value in the Christ-centred education they have received. LWCA was instrumental in the spiritual, emotional, social, and academic development of our children as they experienced masterful biblical integration within classroom instruction, and emotional and social parameters from which to understand the world. Additionally, our children experienced a caring community of teachers and staff intent on seeing them through the challenges (and rewards) of diploma exams, musical productions, community outreach initiatives, and cooking on mass with groups of students. And, together with the support of home and church environments, our children have grown to become well rounded, caring individuals who are now in further pursuit of developing their gifts and talents through post-secondary studies. We believe that this consistent messaging from home, school, and church was foundational for our children’s healthy development and will prove valuable for their entire lives.

Thank you LWCA for the role you have played in equipping our children to become engaged and contributing members of society.