6 Ways To Get Involved

Volunteer your skills
Living Waters has a long history of practical hands on support from parents and the community. In the early days most of the maintenance and development of the school was done by parents and supporters and even students.
Pray for us
There are so many things to pray about and our children are very high on that list. As a community of Christ followers we pray that our lives, individually and collectively will reflect the Love of God.
Specific Projects that impact students
What is your passion? There are many generous people looking for an opportunity to further an area that is close to their heart. Do you love communication technology? Are you passionate about Science and Invention?
Support our Silent Auction
One of our goals is to cultivate compassion for the needy in the world and create an understanding of ways that students can plan their lives and careers to serve the world’s most needy. In doing so we become the hands and feet of Jesus and open the lovin
The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Our endowment fund is an investment fund and is a permanent, self-sustaining source of revenue. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose, and any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the
Build a school in GuatmalaTuesday, May 3, 2016
Living Waters Christian Academy’s vision is to be an international training community. Building a sister school is movement forward with our vision. We believe that committing to support Guatemalan students and families in practical ways has the potential