Honour Roll Term 2

Honor Roll is achieved when a student has an overall average of 80% or more, no mark below 70%, a good attitude and effort displayed throughout the term, and all scripture memory completed. We would like to congratulate the following students on achieving Honor Roll in Term #2

Grade 7 

Adebayo A,  Samantha A, Janelle B,  Shauna B,   Kaylee C , Adiel D,  Payton D,   Adam F,  Hailey H,  Nomsa M,   Eyitayo O,  Madasyn R, Noah V

Grade 8

Ila B, Isaac D,  Jelisa D, Eve F,  Kayla G, Dawn L,  Petra L, Dawn L,  Ben M, Noah M, Keysha N, Lauren V


Grade 9

Matthew B, Skye B, Nathan C, Olivia K,  Michael O, Kenna S, Elijah V


Grade 10

Dorcas A, Aryka G, Ruth G, Amy H, Zach K, Maddy M, Abigail M, Madison M, Thea M, Hannah M, Ruby P, London R, Megan V


Grade 11

Kelly B, Josh G, Nic G, Leah H, Jarek M,  Joseph S, Sophie V      

Grade  12

Maddy K, Cassidy M, Mia P, Andrew S, Jayden T, Raena W