Badminton Placements

Congratulations to the following students.  Below are the results of the round robin. Athletes in the top 3 advance onto the finals (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). On a side note, this is the most players we’ve ever had to qualify for finals. We are sending 7 teams out of our 9. There is only one other school to send that many (proportionately).


Placements from Wednesday:

Girls Doubles 1: Abby & Sara (1st place)

Girls Doubles 2: Evelyn & Hannah (4th Place)

Girls Singles 1: Ava (5th Place)


Placements from Thursday:

Boys Doubles 1: David & Jacob (2nd Place)

Boys Doubles 2: Anson & Kacen (3rd Place)


Boys Singles 1: Isaac (3rd place)

Boys Singles 2: Cruize (3rd Place)


Mixed Double 1: Beckem & Tiara (3rd Place)

Mixed Doubles 2: Piper & Aaron (3rd Place)