Family Groups at LWCA

Today we had our second family group of the year.  All the students are put into family groups and each family group has people from every grade.  Family groups are amazing because they foster community.  Students get a chance to know others in different grades.  It makes the “big kids” less scary and intimidating and the elementary students really look up to them.  Family groups do many things throughout the year.  The first family group we had in October allowed the students to get to know each other.  Today we played “Tape a Jr or Sr high school Student) to the Wall”.  This was a ton of fun!  Each family group member was paired up and they had to work together to place tape to get their big kid to stick to the wall.  Points were awarded for creative poses, staying stuck to the wall when the box was removed, teamwork, communication and encouragement.  Congratulations to the Adventurous Antelopes for being the ONLY group to successful have a high school student stick to the wall.