Warriors' Athletics

Warriors are the name of the sports teams at LWCA and this exemplifies our teams. Warriors are people who fight for something they strongly believe in. Warriors at this school are players who are self-disciplined, team-oriented, and Christ-like both on and off the court and field. Christ-like sportsmanship is the focus of our sports program as we develop their skills and attitudes in a supportive environment.

LWCA has an excellent sports facility which has been home to the many growing sports teams, as well as home tournaments. LWCA offers teams for the following competitive sports teams: volleyball, basketball, badminton, golf, cross-country running, and track and field.

Our junior high teams compete in the WCJHAA league and are strong competitors. In this league we compete against local public and Catholic schools.

The senior high teams compete in the North Central Zone of the Alberta Schools Athletic Association. This allows our teams to compete against local schools to develop skills and then advance into zone and provincial competitions.

For info on our annual Track and Field Day click here.