Amazing opportunity!  Your child can meet their sponsor child in person!

We’d like to thank you for praying with us, for raising funds, for the teams that have sent to help build . . . and now: Vida Chijulhá School is ready to recruit students.  We’re hoping to start classes in January 2018!

As a special partner in the construction of Vida Chijulhá School, we’d like to offer Living Waters Christian Academy a unique opportunity to continue your relationship with Chijulhá  by sponsoring our students and supporting their class – in fact, we’re reserving a class just for LWCA until the end of November 2017.  We are looking for 10 (or more) class supporters and 25 child sponsors to ensure that your class is fully sponsored on launch day! 

Here is a link for Living Waters families to support a child in Vida Chijulhá School