Pray for us

There are so many things to pray about and our children are very high on that list. As a community of Christ followers we pray that our lives, individually and collectively will reflect the Love of God. We are all fallen, and we are all Loved. This is the message of the gospel and we can attract or repel others from the love of God by our words and actions. Pray for us.

We face an occasionally hostile world and often the values bombarding us in the media and society work to erode character and virtue. Pray for us. Not that we will be sheltered from the influence but rather that we will be influencers for good. That through us the love of Christ will bring healing to the broken relationships around us.

There are many challenges in parenting and in teaching. The rewards are high and the blessings are eternal, but the struggle is daily. Pray for us; that we will be the adults we want our children to become.