Mission Program

One of the highlights of being a student at Living Waters  is the missions program. Each student has the opportunity to participate in this program as every  year we take a team of Grade 11 students to Guatemala . While in Guatemala,  the team ministers in various ways including childrens ministries, construction projects, evening outreach events, and other service projects determined by the needs in the area at the time. This missions program is run in conjunction with Impact Ministries, an organization with passion and a mission to reach the Guatemalan people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  www.impactministries.ca.

The goals of the mission program are as follows:
  1. To develop missions consciousness in the students so that they would have the heart of Christ for the lost and the compassion of Christ for those in need.

  2. To give opportunity for the Lord Jesus to work:

    • in the student's hearts

    • through the students

    • in the hearts of those ministered to

  3. To experience the culture of a developing nation and the role of the body of Christ in that society.

  4. To develop an understanding of what God is calling Canadian young people to be, and to incorporate the call of missions into personal career and ministry planning.