Our Board

High level leadership is provided to LWCA through the policy development and long range planning of the board of directors. The board is responsible to hire, provide goals to, and evaluate the accomplishment of those goals by, the principal of the Academy. They give guidance to the overall direction and quality of the school program through the development of policies which provide the framework for the operation of the school.
The board promotes the accountability philosophy outlined in Matthew 18. All issues should be resolved at the most direct and lowest level whenever possible. Only after attempted resolution has been unsuccessful do they advance up the chain of authority.
The board members are generally part of the school parent community. Nominees are submitted to the nominating committee. Approved candidates may be elected if there is a contest for available positions.
The board is also responsible to approve the annual budget, appoint the auditor, and review the financial reports at their monthly meeting.

Board Members
  •   Chairperson: Jason Vance
  •     Vice Chair:  John Christian    
  •   Treasurer:  Jeff Dyck
  •   Secretary:Kevin Woelk