Lisa Clarke, Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher and Elementary, Junior & Senior High Spanish Teacher

I am very excited to be joining the staff at Living Waters. My life journey has taken me on quite a ride. One thing I am thankful for is that God always directs my steps. I may not always know where He is going to lead me, but lead me He does.

I began my teaching career at Fort Saskatchewan Christian School teaching Gr 7-9 Language Arts and Social Studies. From there I became a youth pastor and greatly enjoyed mentoring and walking with teenagers as they sought to know Christ. God led me to follow him into cross-cultural ministry and I spent close to 10 years serving as an international worker with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Latin America primarily Mexico City.

The precise story of how God led me from one adventure to another is long and littered with accounts of God’s faithfulness. If you want to know the full story, I would love to share it over coffee some time. I lived in Costa Rica for a while so I am a great lover of good coffee!