Building a sister school in Guatemala

Living Waters Christian Academy’s vision is to be an international training community. Building a sister school is movement forward with our vision. We believe that committing to support Guatemalan students and families in practical ways has the potential to deepen the faith and generosity of our community. We want to connect our families with their families personally. We want our school community to serve in as many ways as possible and in the process deepen our own understanding of God’s goodness, provision, and compassion for all people.

What does the project look like?

The Living Waters community has committed to raise money to build three classrooms and washroom facilities in an under schooled community in Guatemala.

Future grade 11 mission teams will spend their time increasing the connection with the children and families of that community through service in the school, and the community.

We will be promoting direct sponsorship of children in that community through Impact Ministries’ student sponsorship program. Members of LWCA student and family Ministry Teams that go to Guatemala will visit the students and families that they have sponsored.

As a further opportunity for families to connect we are introducing Family/ alumni  mission trips that take place each summer starting in 2018. Living Waters families with children over 10 years old would be able to apply to join a mission team going for 10 days during the summer and would serve in the sister community and be able to meet their sponsor child and visit his or her home.

In school impact = stronger relationships between Living Waters and Guatemalan elementary classes through pen pals.

Phase 1: A school startup will cost approximately $45,000. This prepares the land and builds the first three class rooms and washrooms.

Phase 2: We are committed to raising $11,000 annually to continue to add class rooms to the school. As each grade moves forward a class room will be built for them.

We already have $20,000 committed by two foundations to be accessed as matching funds for the project.

We need our community to join us. Your donation brings double the value into the lives of needy children.

The goal is to raise the additional $25,000 by January of 2017.

How can you be involved?

Discuss and pray about this project with your family and determine how much you feel that this project aligns with the values and passions that God has given your family.

If you feel that God is prompting you to participate, complete the EFT card and return it to the school.  

ATB Cares has an online donation site which adds an additional 15% of your donation to the cause. We encourage donors who are making large donations to use this site. If you are making monthly donations we encourage use of the automatic withdrawal service through the Living Waters office.  ATB Cares

There are two ways to donate:

ATB Cares to access the 15% match – use the Build a School button on the school website to access the 15% additional contribution from ATB. It is not possible to setup automatic monthly withdrawals through this system. So if you would like to donate monthly you can setup reminders on your calendar to log into ATB. The ATB system provides an immediate emailed receipt.

Automatic withdrawal – compete an EFT form and return to the office.

Donations over $25 are income tax deductible.

Please note that money raised will be used to build the initial school facilities and additional classrooms in the coming years and/or to sponsor the Guatemalan education program of the school, as directed by Living Waters Christian Academy board. We have needy families in the Parkland Area as well and as part of our commitment to support families we are designating a tithe, 10%, of the money raised for this project, to our endowment fund. A portion of the endowment fund is used to help finance the bursary program.

Is this project achievable?

Fundraising strategy

There are 8 months to reach our goal of $45,000 by Jan 2017

Can you donate any of these amounts monthly?


Monthly donation over 8 months

Amount over 8 months




 $ 4,000.00

 $ 4,000.00




 $ 5,000.00


 $ 50.00

 $ 400.00



 $ 25.00

 $ 200.00


Grand Total