Anik Threinen, Grade 4 Teacher

My passion in life is my relationship with God and sharing about the love of God with others.  It is a privilege to work at a Christian school where I can be open with my students about God's plan for their lives, pray for/with them and teach subjects from a Biblical perspective.

I graduated in 1999 from the University of Alberta

with my Bachelor of Education as an Elementary Education Generalist with a minor in Science Education.

I have 9 years teaching experience and have taught from grades 4 to 9. I worked at High Level Christian Academy for 6 years and began at Living Waters Christian Academy in April 2006.

At LWCA, I teach grade 4 in the subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Physical Education. Grade 4 is an amazing age as students are eager to learn and grow.  They are also beginning to process and think critically about various topics which allows for incredible classroom discussions.

I also serve as the coordinator of our Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) project at LWCA.  AISI is a provincial grant that we use to improve student learning by investing time and research into a particular area.  Our AISI project over the next three years focused on growing in the area of assessment of student learning.  It is our goal to improve student learning by critically examining the ways we assess/evaluate our students.  It is our goal to use assessment in a way that will engage students in the assessment process and use criteria and rubric based assessment. My role is to coordinate this program. We are excited about the ways we will grow as teachers and in turn affect the learning of our students through this project.

It is an honour and a high calling to be a teacher; someone who can impact childrenĀ¹s lives for their future on this earth and even more importantly, for eternity. I thank God for the opportunity to serve at LWCA!